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About Us

Our common desire and goal is to see the lost reconciled with God and His magnificent creation through agricultural development programs. Utilizing our land at YWAM Tyler and many other agricultural technologies, we aim to provide training in areas such as fruit orchards and grafting, soil conservation, urban farming, conventional homesteading, aquaponics, bee keeping, fish farming, third-world technology, and various types of farm animals and livestock.

Ministry Services


“Preparing short term mission teams to make a greater impact”


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Animal Husbandry

“The management and care of farm animals”


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“The science, art, and occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and raising livestock or poultry”

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Appropriate Technology

“Improving the environment through ecological living”

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Who We Are

     Nathan Fair


“My desire for Ag Tech is to create practical hands-on training for missionaries and national partners using international community development as a means for teaching and sharing the Gospel.”

       Isaac Saboia

Pig Farmer/Traditional Gardener

“My vision is to demonstrate the love of God and His character through gardening and farming.”

     Juan Reyes

Cattle Operations Manager

“I love the way God speaks through the environment and nature. My vision is to start and run a cattle operation through Ag Tech.”

     Liz Richardson

Promotional Manager

“Ag Tech is providing a way to present the Gospel in a practical way, that will not only improve physical needs, but spiritual needs as well. This valuable information needs to be publicly shared with others as an extremely effective way to share the Gospel. ”

   JJ Lee

Medicinal Gardener

“Through Ag Tech, I want to develop an alternative medicines program, to heal and relieve pain for many treatable illnesses where there are no suitable alternatives.  As a result, the sick can get healed and spiritually come closer to God.”

   Elijah and Lauren Shipman

Urban Gardening/Rabbit Raising

“My vision for Ag Tech is to create a school/internship where people who have a passion for agriculture come to receive a proper world view to use their passion to disciple and evangelize the nations through agriculture!”

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